Sodium Version

public static string SodiumVersionString()

This is the .NET equivalent of sodium_version_string.

Namespace: Sodium.SodiumCore

The SodiumVersionString() function returns the version string on the libsodium library in use. Note, this is not the version of libsodium-net.


public KeyPair(byte[] publicKey, byte[] privateKey)

Namespace: Sodium

This class represents a libsodium-net key pair.

privateKey length must be a multiple of 16 bytes, otherwise it throws a KeyOutOfRangeException.

Hexadecimal encoding/decoding

public static string BinaryToHex(byte[] data)

This is the .NET equivalent of sodium_bin2hex.

Namespace: Sodium.Utilities

The BinaryToHex() function takes a byte array data, and produces a lower-case hex-encoded string.

The returned string includes a nul byte (\0) terminator.

The function returns a string on success, or throws an Exception() on failure.

public static byte[] HexToBinary(string hex)

This is the .NET equivalent of sodium_hex2bin.

Namespace: Sodium.Utilities

The HexToBinary() function converts a hex-encoded string hex (lower-case, upper-case or with some extra chars like: Hyphen, Colon and Space) to a byte array.

The parser stops when a non-hexadecimal, non-ignored character is found.

The function returns a byte array on success, or throws an Exception() on failure.

Non-libsodium Methods

public static string BinaryToHex(byte[] data, HexFormat format, HexCase hcase = HexCase.Lower)

Namespace: Sodium.Utilities

This overload takes a byte array data, and produces a lower-case or upper-case hex-encoded string, it also can add some extra chars (Hyphen, Colon and Space) to generate a human readable format.

The possible formats are:

public enum HexFormat
  None, //a hex string without any seperators.
  Colon, //a hex string with colons (dd:33:dd).
  Hyphen, //a hex string with hyphens (dd-33-dd).
  Space //a hex string with spaces (dd 33 dd).

public enum HexCase
  Lower, //lower-case hex-encoded.
  Upper //upper-case hex-encoded

Note: This overload doesn't use the sodium_bin2hex implementation.

Incrementing large numbers

public static byte[] Increment(byte[] value)

This is the .NET equivalent of sodium_increment.

Namespace: Sodium.Utilities

It runs in constant-time for a given length, and considers the number to be encoded in little-endian format. Increment() can be used to increment nonces in constant time.

Comparing large numbers

public static bool Compare(byte[] a, byte[] b)

This is the .NET equivalent of sodium_compare.

Namespace: Sodium.Utilities

The comparison is done in constant time for a given length.

This function can be used with nonces, in order to prevent replay attacks.